Prune what’s no longer working.

I adore my gingko tree. She is majestic and stately. At around 130 years old, she is a presence in our neighborhood.

She has copious branches of elegant, fluttering fan-shaped leaves, providing shade and beauty. She grows relatively quickly for such a large tree.

She stretches and reaches to fill her allotted space. And sometimes she exceeds it.

Today was pruning day. With ladder and pruning pole, we lifted up and removed the branches that were overhanging our roof and the neighbor’s.

It’s not that those branches weren’t lovely. They were. They also were a hazard for both roofs. We removed them carefully, paying attention to keeping her silhouette still beautiful.

Post trim, she still looks enchanting and healthy. And we live in a bit more comfortable relationship with her as a result of our ministrations.

Today’s message reminds me that letting things go or removing them doesn’t mean that they don’t have value. It does mean that I am better off and more functional without them.

Please reflect and share. What in your life could do with a good pruning?