Sometimes the course chooses us.

With some regularity, we may plot a mental course from here to there, a roadmap for how to get to where we believe we need to be. We may have steps, specific actions, and timelines in mind.

Occasionally, things may actually work out exactly as planned. More frequently, they do not. Much of the time, our gameplans go awry. Unexpected occurrences can derail our intended progress.

We may view these delays and roadblocks unfavorably. Frustration and disappointment can accompany them.

Yet somewhere deep inside of us—whether consciously or not—we know what is truly best for us. Often it may not be what we have mentally mapped out for ourselves.

This more complete understanding of what we really need can help us manifest what is best for us, even though it may not be what we think it is. Our inner vision manifests a course and then ropes us onto it.

Today’s message invites me to be more flexible in letting the serendipitous course choose me. Going with the flow more likely will take me to a good space than any amount of planning on my part.

Please reflect and share. What path might be choosing you?