It’s mostly all just stuff.

We all can appreciate a comfortable life. We certainly want the basics—adequate food and drink, shelter, good health, safety, and the company of caring folks.

Beyond that, it’s nice to have financial security and pleasant surroundings and belongings. We enjoy having enough money not to worry about money (unless we’re habitual worriers). Owning a reliable vehicle, cozy and attractive furnishings, clothing that fits us (and hopefully looks good) also are usual desires in our society.

But beyond the basics, much of what we want, pursue, and have is all just stuff. Most of what we believe we need is actually what we desire. We have ideas about what we require to be comfortable that often are about image and status.

Today’s message suggests I may wish to pare back my desires to be more about the basics. When I’m grateful to have my actual needs met, I will be rich indeed!

Please reflect and share. How do you distinguish between needs and wants?