We don’t live in a vacuum.

Often, we make choices based on what would make us happy or what is good for us. And in general, that’s as it should be. We all are in charge of our own happiness and well-being.

But our actions and decisions also affect others. Sometimes that means folks who are near to us. Other times, that may mean people we don’t know and may never meet.

Our behavior also impacts our environment. We have the choice to take what we want from nature indiscriminately, have minimal impact, or even to leave things better than we found them. What we do affects our entire planet—natural landscapes and systems and other species.

Today’s message reminds me that what I do impacts our entire planet. What is good for life in general is also good for me. It’s in my best interest to live in a way that respects the world around me, while making strong personal choices for my happiness.

Please reflect and share. How do you balance what makes you happy with being respectful and caring?