When we hold each other up, we all prosper.

We all want to do well. And in theory, we want others to do well too. Especially recently, we’ve become aware of fracture lines in our society.

We differ on politics, religion, COVID, election policy, abortion, equal rights, climate change and more. Unfortunately, we often do so in a way that denigrates or even ill wishes those with differing beliefs.

Our animus doesn’t make us happy. Quite the reverse in fact. But we still persist.

We don’t need to accept things we feel are wrong. And we can promote for what we want. But we can do so in a way that doesn’t malign or harm others. We can fight for something rather than against.

Today’s message invites me to think about what I want—for all of us—rather than getting angry about what I don’t want. When I am focused on the desired result, the seemingly ill-intended or misguided actions and beliefs of others will perturb me less.

Please reflect and share. How might we treat all of us with respect and kindness?