Resistance anchors us to difficulty.

We all have tasks we postpone. We put them off, finding excuses as to why we can’t do them today (or anytime soon). We may even take on other minor chores and get them out of the way, in an attempt to make ourselves feel virtuous. But the dreaded task remains, and we feel badly about it.

The longer we put the task off, the more our resistance and guilt grow. We now feel so badly about the activity that we certainly don’t wish to do it ever. And yet, we know we have to deal with it.

Once we get started with the unwanted task, we likely may find that the reality of accomplishing it is less taxing than we anticipated. We may even wonder why we spent so much energy on postponing tackling the task.

Today’s message suggests that anytime I resist doing something I know I must do, that I will be better served by taking it on sooner rather than later. Getting the task out of the way will liberate me and increase the amount of energy I have to devote to things I want to do.

Please reflect and share. What task do you typically postpone?