Emanate some sweetness.

Currently, for many of us things seem to be off. All around us are unpleasant or even repugnant experiences. Racism, the political divide, debate over abortion rights, the war in the Ukraine, inflation and rising prices, the resurgence of COVID cases—there is no shortage of potentially disturbing events right now.

We fret about these issues. Discussion with others can make them feel even more painful. How do we get past current events to some sort of sanity and happiness?

We can start by generating a different mindset in and around ourselves. Whatever we focus on, the law of attraction will bring to us more often. When we put our attention to the good—and trust me, there are some good things going on—we change the flavor of our reality and can help influence what others experience as well.

By recognizing and praising the good in others as frequently as possible, by being kind, tolerant, and considerate, by making an effort to de-escalate issues in interaction, by being cheerful and positive: this is how we inject sweetness into what might otherwise be a sour environment.

Today’s message encourages me to generate sweetness inside of me and share it with others to bring a different focus to our interactions. When I find happiness within and emanate it, I multiply the good vibes around me.

Please reflect and share. What one thing might you do today to emanate sweetness?