Expect good vibes.

We’ve all encountered situations in which we felt distinctly uncomfortable. We’d likely say that bad vibes were affecting the atmosphere and individuals associated with the events.

We’ve also been surrounded by love and support at times, feeling cherished and safe. We may associate good vibes with this type of circumstance.

We’re always surrounded by a mixed bag of mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. With sensitivity, we can learn to tap into any or all of them.

This is where our choice comes in. We can elect to pay attention to happy and positive emanations, savoring them, and reflecting them back out multiplied.

We can also choose to avoid negative situations whenever possible. Even more importantly, we can decide not to create or strengthen them with our personal energy and attention.

When we expect good vibes and occurrences, we’re more likely to attract them. The converse is true as well. When we’re in a bad mood, we’re more apt to have bad luck and attract further negativity.

Today’s message reminds me to expect the positive. When happy and positive is how I feel and what I look for, it is what I will find.

Please reflect and share. Do you expect to be surrounded by good vibes?