Perception and attitude determine our experience.

We tend to label things as either good or bad. Although sometimes we feel kind of “meh” about people or occurrences. But mostly we give things a thumbs up or thumbs down.

How and why we receive things depends on how we perceive them. And our perception is based on our beliefs and past experiences. This explains why one person can see an event as positive while another views it as negative.

As a small child, we saw falling down in the snow as fun. It might even be something we did on purpose. Whee! As an adult, particularly an older adult, this likely would represent a scary and possibly dangerous occurrence. The difference is our attitude and perception.

While it might seem that our perception would be hard-wired in us, based on past experience, it is something we can control and tweak. Willingness to tweak our beliefs can permit us to see things differently. This shift in perception can lead to a shift in attitude. What was once acceptable may no longer seem so, or conversely something we once feared may now seem exciting.

Today’s message reminds me that if I’m not having fun, I always have the opportunity to change my experience simply by shifting my perception. When I’m willing to believe that Creation and I conspire to create life for my benefit, I’m more likely to enjoy all of my life.

Please reflect and share. How does your viewpoint and attitude affect your life?