Prioritize joy.

Each of us has a to do list in our heads, if not in more tangible form. We have chores and obligations and required time-sensitive actions. The roster of things we need to take care of can be daunting.

If we delay any of the items, we may berate ourselves. The negative emotions around the gap between what we do and what we think we should do can make it harder to accomplish anything. They’re a drag on our initiative.

And that’s where joy and fun come in. Although it may seem counterintuitive, the energy generated by positive experiences can power us through the mundane and must-dos. Making time for activities that feed our soul and foster happiness will help build a reserve of initiative we can use for other purposes too.

Today’s message advises me that having fun is practical. When I’m filled with the glow of joy, everything in life is easier.

Please reflect and share. Do you carve out time for fun in your life?