Ask for what you want.

Often, we know what we want. Other times we know we don’t want what we have but are unsure of what would be better. Either way, we usually want something we don’t have, yet.

A complication is that our self-image may prevent us from getting something better. We may feel unworthy or undeserving. Or we may be reluctant to make a request for fear of being turned down or putting someone off with our perceived neediness.

However, it is quite simple. Creation, in general, and other folks, in specific, won’t know that we want something different unless we ask. Visualization registers our request with Creation. Words make our desire clear to other people.

If we are unsure of what we want, we can ask for clarity. Simply making it clear that we want something different is a good start. We can explore possibilities and discover our goal through curiosity.

Today’s message clarifies for me that receiving and asking are linked. When I put my desire out there, it is easier for me to get what I want and need. Asking shortens the path to my dreams.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel comfortable asking for what you want?