What we see outside ourselves is inside of us.

We all can readily name a variety of things we believe are wrong or broken in the world. Divided society, injustice, hatred, illness, poverty, pollution—these are just a few of the things many of us might identify as larger-scale problems. There also may be widespread issues which are personally poignant to us.

As part of a divinely interconnected whole, we have all of Creation to call on to create our personal reality. We generate our existence using the blueprint of what is inside of us—the good, the bad, the healthy, and the dysfunctional. So, when we carry a wound inside of us, we reflect it outside of us in our version of reality.

The practice of ho’oponopono is based on this principle. If we don’t like what we see going on around us, we can look inside to find and heal the source of the issue.

For instance, if we bemoan societal fractures and division, we might soul search to understand what parts of ourselves are in conflict with each other. When we make peace inside of us, it will be easier to recognize it outside of us too.

Today’s message advises that internal spring housecleaning might be in order. When I harmonize and intentionally choose my beliefs, thoughts, and actions, I help create a more coherent and loving world.

Please reflect and share. How does your perception of the world reflect your inner workings?