The bad always contains some good.

We all go through rough times. Some situations feel unrelievedly horrid. We may wonder how we will be able to bear up under them.

We always do manage to cope, somehow. But it can feel like a long, hard slog. Life can lose its magic and allure, being reduced to merely getting by.

That’s because the painful circumstances consume our focus. We have such a strong emotional reaction to them that we can’t easily notice much else.

But in the background, many other things are going on. And some of them will be neutral or even positive. We simply fail to recognize them.

Even challenging circumstances often produce some longer-term benefit. We may be unaware of it as we suffer, or it may take some time to make itself apparent. But bitter fruit, when planted, can produce a beautiful tree.

Today’s message invites me to find the positive in what I think of as negative. When I shift my focus to helpful or beautiful things going on around me, it takes some of the sting out of the painful and breaks my preoccupation with the challenging. When I look for the good in difficult times, I restore my inner balance.

Please reflect and share. Are you able to see the positive in hard times?