Nurture your tribe.

There are folks we vibe with and those we don’t so much. We all know people who inspire and bring out the best in us and those who seem to drag us down. Sometimes we can choose whom we interact with and sometimes we cannot.

It can be helpful to pay attention to how we feel with various people. The ones that uplift, kindly challenge, and amuse us make up our tribe. We may or may not have common beliefs or interests, but we feel good and vital when we’re in contact with them.

Our tribe is not necessarily limited to humans. Pets, trees, landscapes—anything we interact with can be part of our family of caring.

When we encounter members of our tribe, it’s important to nurture the relationship. By offering love and consideration, sharing our time, and expressing interest about them, we help build them up. We receive the same in return. It’s symbiosis at its best.

Today’s message invites me to recognize my tribe clearly and to be willing to expand it. Who knows with what interesting being I might find commonality and sharing? I cherish my tribe and tend it carefully like a garden.