Not everything can be fixed, but it can be loved.

Often things in life aren’t as we’d like. We then have the tendency to want to fix them (or have someone else fix them for us). We don’t like the idea that the issue may not be repairable.

We resist and strain and grieve, wanting another outcome. The last thing we want to do is to accept a situation we see as broken. But often that is the only way we will reach peace.

Today’s message asks me to accept a hard loss and see the blessing within in. My cat Nimbus is gone, passed from life when he was still quite young. It’s hard to accept that his joyful, wacky, playful, loving physical presence is no more. But he also models for me the way to handle a hard reality: you do the best you can to create love and joy in spite of the situation.

Please reflect and share. How do you handle the inescapable?