Remember the good times and make some more.

When we have a loss, we can get lost in the pain. And we do need to feel our grief. But we also need perspective. In spite of our current pain, there were certainly many good times.

Recalling happy events helps us remember the lost one, apart from their death. This is why memory boards at funerals are so helpful. We get a reminder of the continuity of many wonderful times, one after another.

Being reminded of good times with the one who has passed also serves to inform us that we can continue to have good times in the future too, just perhaps not with the individual who is now in spirit. But we interact with many other beings and can honor our lost one by creating good times with others.

Today’s message reminds me that someone who is passed doesn’t want me to suffer. They want me to be happy. I certainly can and will grieve, but I also need to leaven it by allowing myself to feel happiness where I and with whom I can.

Please reflect and share. What’s your most recent loss of a loved one and how have you managed to find happiness thereafter?