Today is the best day to celebrate life.

It’s easy to get caught up in the things we think we should do. This can cause us to delay doing the things that bring us joy. Our lives are finite, and we diminish our reverence for life when we don’t make the most of each day.

The best course is to live each day fully, making sure we make time to have fun and connect with those we love. Each day brings a fresh opportunity to do this, one that can never be recovered.

Today’s message comes courtesy of my beloved cat Nimbus. We adopted him mid-April last year and were charmed and besotted by his zest for life and his loving and accepting nature.

Unfortunately, he knew something he kept hidden from us. He was seriously ill, likely even before he entered rescue. He had had a rough start in life, living his first two years of life in a cage under less than good conditions.

He didn’t want us fussing over him and subjecting him to endless medical procedures, which he understood wouldn’t save him. So he hid his illness as best he could and lived life to the fullest.

His stamina and fortitude finally gave out this morning and he rapidly declined. We euthanized him this afternoon, to allow him as gentle a crossing as possible.

His spirit is gone from this life, but the lesson and example he provided remains. Live your life fully! Never miss an opportunity for fun or to love someone. Be grateful for what you have and capitalize on it. Life is a gift with an expiration date unknown to us.