Being comes before doing.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Most of us feel compelled to do. We’re all about progress, goals, accomplishments, and productivity. If we or others don’t feel we’re meeting some arbitrary mark, unhappiness usually ensues. We’re programmed to do.

Yet what is the purpose of all this doing? Ostensibly it’s to make us happier and make the world a better place to live. But in practice does that really work? Does action truly create a way of being or state of mind?

Today’s message reminds me that my state of being— whether I’m happy and well—often is independent of what I’m doing. Cultivating gratitude and enjoyment in my circumstances comes first. Then whatever I’m doing will be in a state of happiness. I am and then I do.

How about you? Do you pay attention to your state of being?