We focus our efforts where they bring joy and fulfillment to us and others.

We want what we do to make a difference. We want to be happy. And we want to be prosperous. These are three legs of a proverbial stool. We need all three to be of equal length for the stool to be in balance. How do we figure out how much work to put into each of these aspects? What ratio will provide a happy, useful, abundant life?

If we strive solely for our pleasure, we will become selfish and hedonistic. Only targeting helping and pleasing others will result in abdication of our own needs and happiness. Striving only to make money will lead to a dry and soulless existence in which we benefit only the financial structure.

We are well served by doing things that bring us joy AND also benefit others. If we’re willing to perceive abundance as richness in all aspects of life (and not solely financial gain), focusing our efforts on activities that make us happy and also fulfill others is a splendid plan. We will find that in living a life of joyful service, money will take care of itself.

Today’s message calls me to orient my life toward happiness and providing value—for myself and for others. When I focus on joy, kindness, gentleness, and service, life will provide the same to me in return. As I tend myself and others with love, life will show me the joy and the abundance.

How about you? How do you decide where to focus your efforts?