Choosing to be happy creates a good life.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Most of us have a mental list of items needed for a good life—love, health, happiness, purpose, abundance. We’re certain that all these factors combined would ensure a fulfilling existence. We strive to bring them about, feeling that once reached, they will ensure our lives in the land of never-ending good times.

We fail to realize that today is the best day of our lives. In the present moment, we have complete control over our happiness. Now is the point of power, the power to choose to be happy with what is. When we decide that what we are and have is enough to feel joyful and fulfilled, we own the power to create our own happiness.

Today’s message asks me to accept the wonder and sufficiency of the present. There are multiple excellent and amazing things going on around with in me right now, surely more than enough to justify happiness. A good life arises from my happiness with what is in any given moment.

How about you What do you do to create a good life for yourself?