What we think about ourselves is what we become.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

We all hold images of ourselves. Some parts of them are positive and some are negative. Unfortunately our negative impressions of ourselves seem to stay with us longer and have a deeper impact. We often remember embarrassing episodes from childhood more clearly than recent successes.

This tendency leads us to retain negative self-images that aren’t supported by our current actions and ways of being. In this way, our views of ourselves can frequently be shaped more by who we fear we might be than who we are.

A less than positive self-image hamstrings us. Our beliefs about ourselves are usually self-fulfilling, so a negative self-image limits our potential more surely than anything else could.

Today’s message asks me to review and spruce up my self-image. If I am not currently all I might wish to be, I am certainly capable of growth and am already on the way to fulfilling my personal aspirations. Meanwhile, I have many more positive qualities than negative. I am continually evolving into the most wonderful version of myself.

How about you? How does your self-image affect you:?