What we are is limitless.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We usually think of ourselves as incomplete, having only certain talents, perhaps limited in our abilities or physical and mental capacities, with only some paths open to us in life. We try to make peace with what we see as our finite potential.

In spiritual truth, we’re an intrinsic part of an interconnected, divine awareness. We house a splinter of that divinity within us as our sharing within. The prevailing level of consciousness in our world is separation consciousness—the belief that we are separate from the divine, each other, and the rest of creation.

Separation consciousness leads us to feel alone, afraid, mistrustful, resentful, broken, and limited. These feelings tend to keep us shut down, erecting mental and emotional barriers in a mistaken attempt to be safe from the perceived dangers of existence. When we’ve created conceptual walls, we restrict what we can take in and what we can share out. We limit ourselves more surely than any lack of ability, resources, or capacity could.

Today’s message reminds me to consciously connect outward when I’m feeling restricted. Meditation, touch-base with family and friends, gratitude for nature and my surroundings—all these will expand my awareness of the richness of life right now. The more I focus on and participate in conscious interconnection with all of creation, the more I expand my possibilities.

How about you? How do you open yourself up to the potential of life?

#notesfromtheawareness #limitless

For more on divine interconnection and how to expand more consciously into it, please read my book The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human. You’ll be glad you did!