The power of an idea is in proportion to how much it is believed.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Ideas and their origin and adoption are fascinating. We’ve all encountered amazing concepts which just don’t seem to catch on. Similarly, sometimes the seemingly most outlandish ideas gain rather widespread acceptance. It can seem to make no sense.

At the level of our society, an idea’s influence depends on how many folks are willing to believe it. If the concept fills a need or supports an existing belief, it will be more readily adopted.

On a personal level, belief in a concept can be either a negative or positive force depending on the nature of the idea. If we’re certain we’re fat/ugly/stupid/unlovable, our conviction will have a strong influence over circumstances. Conversely, if we’re sure we’re attractive/capable/charming/intelligent, life is likely to treat us accordingly. What we believe about ourselves is a major determinant of what we experience.

Today’s message urges me to wield the power of ideas consciously and responsibly. What I’m willing to lend credence to holds tremendous sway over my own life and potentially the lives of others. I generate good things for myself and the world when I place my faith in positive concepts.

How about you? Do you curate your thoughts and beliefs?