Calm is a superpower.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Since the beginning of 2020, life has been full of surprises: COVID-19, social unrest, economic uncertainty, unemployment, political turmoil. These issues have been overlaid on top of the usual vagaries of everyday life. The deluge of stress has left us primed to react emotionally. We’re unsettled and a bit wary of life.

To cope with the overload well, we can learn to dial down our emotional recoil. When we feel what we need to feel and then let it go, we can decide and act with clarity. To do so we’ll want to cultivate our ability to be calm. They best way to do so looks different for each of us, but exercise, meditation, time in nature, prayer—often solitary pursuits—all are a good starts. When we come more closely in touch with our inner selves and the divine, we naturally relax and become easy.

Today’s message advises me to emulate a cucumber—stay cool. When my emotions aren’t raised, I can both reason and listen to my heart more readily. Nurturing my ability to be calm enhances my happiness and effectiveness.

How about you? Do you value the ability to stay calm?