Fret not.

It can be easy to become discouraged, especially when we’re starting out with a new undertaking. We would like to see some rapid progress fairly soon.

Sometimes that isn’t what happens. As a result, we may want to chuck in the towel and abandon our efforts.

This is the time to remind ourselves that some seeds need longer than others to germinate. In trying to grow parsley from seed, I discovered that the seeds take several weeks to germinate. An old adage says parsley seeds need to go to the devil seven times before they sprout. I don’t know precisely what my parsley seeds were doing—I didn’t think to ask them—but they definitely needed more time than I thought they would.

So, it can be with our goals and projects, too. They have their own natural cycle which may not jive with our plans. But if we remain calmly confident and let things progress without trying to force them, we will see results. Fretting will reinforce resistance and doubt in us, which will likely lengthen the wait time.

Today’s message reminds me to allow things to take their natural course while I continue to believe in my desired outcome. My trust is fertilizer for my dreams.

Please reflect and share. Are you a fretter?