Notes From The Awareness: 314

Inspiration and preparation both have value.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Some of us are detailed planners while others of us tend to shoot from the hip. We’re usually more one way than the other, by nature and we generally know what group we belong to. Both approaches are valid and have merit.

Planning ensures known factors are taken into account and avoids rash, emotional decisions and actions. Improvising spurs our creativity and allows more input from Spirit, enabling fresh results. When we limit ourselves to using predominantly one approach, we decrease our chances of successful or satisfying outcomes. But how do we know when to take immediate action and when to plot a careful course?

Today’s message advises me to make use of both my logical/organized and intuitive/creative capacities. In a scenario requiring immediate response, I’ll need to jump in with both feet and course correct, if needed, later. I may also want to improvise in low-stakes situations or when I feel overwhelmingly pulled to follow a specific path. Relying on creativity and inspiration will also serve me well when previous logical plans of action have failed.

In high-stakes, non-immediate circumstances, I may benefit from a more reasoned and tactical approach. Careful consideration and planning are indicated when the events at hand set off a strong, negative emotional reaction in me. Highly complex situations also merit more review prior to action.

To realize and exercise all my skillsets, I’ll want to moderate my style to both plan and improvise. Using both halves of my brain—logical and creative—as well as allowing subconscious, intuitive input will flex all part of me and improve my effectiveness and enjoyment in life.

How about you? Are you primarily a planner or a doer, and how might you benefit from mixing up your style?