Notes From The Awareness: 279

Accept what you cannot change and create beauty with the time allotted you.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all experience defeat and the death of our dreams at times. Things we’ve hoped for don’t come to pass. We often have a hard time accepting this loss. We may struggle to try to revive our plans, even though they have clearly failed. Sometimes we just cannot seem to accept the inevitable.

If we step back from the pain and drama of our loss and are honest with ourselves in these circumstances, we’ll see that no amount of effort will salvage our wrecked dreams. Things can only improve for us when we are willing to accepted what has occurred. Our dreams may be dead, but we still have the rest of our lives in which to create beauty and benevolence. It is never too late to change course, to dream new and more positive dreams.

Today’s message and events remind me of the folly and destruction of trying to revive a goal whose time has passed. If my plans did not come to fruition, it may well be that they were flawed in conception and/or execution. When a dream of mine dies, it’s time to follow a new path, to find a new vision and goal, minus the flaws of the previous one. My life is too precious to waste on trying to revive what is clearly gone.