Notes From The Awareness: 264

Pets show us it’s okay to be human.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Many households have a non-human family member. We call them our pets, but they truly are integral parts of our families. Most of us can’t imagine being without them.

We value our pets for many reasons, the greatest of which is companionship. Any devoted pet owner will tell you there’s something special and uniquely unconditional our pets provide that can’t be duplicated in a relationship with another human being. With our non-human family members, we feel free to be ourselves, warts and all.

Today’s message comes to me courtesy of my passed cat, Shaman. He was a fine cat, of generous proportions and heart. Friendly and kind to all, he was a ray of sunshine each and every day. Shaman reminds me that my value isn’t dependent on perceived qualities, it simply is. Even on my less than stellar days, I’m still worthy of love and appreciation. I’m going to be focusing on channeling my inner Shaman in interactions with others. There’s no better role model!

How about you? What can your pets model for you?