Notes From The Awareness: 256

Moving forward usually means letting go.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. From time to time we want to shift our life trajectory. For whatever reasons—health, career, relationships, finances—we want our life to be different. We’re very certain we’re ready to embrace the new. It’s what we know we want, after all.

We may have forgotten that we need empty hands to grasp an altered future. We must be willing to let some things go—assumptions, beliefs, attitudes, habits, jobs, patterns of interaction, and possibly even relationships—to allow something fresh room to develop. We can’t cook a new dish without changing up the ingredients and preparation method.

Today’s message reminds me that, heading toward a brand new year, it’s a splendid time to ponder what I want to create and what I might need to shift inside myself to make that outcome possible. What outdated coping mechanisms might I be clinging to? What beliefs to I hold that limit my possibilities What self-sabotaging habits do I indulged in? What unhealthy interactions to I tend to repeat? What thought patters do I perpetuate that aren’t in my or anyone else’s best interest?

When I am willing to surrender what no longer serves me, I’m truly ready to create something new.

How about you? What are you ready to release?