Notes From The Awareness: 257

Limiting ourselves limits the world.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all sell ourselves short. We find ways to doubt ourselves, downplay our skills and talents, and avoid risks that might lead to greater achievement. No one limits us more than we do.

Our reasons for holding ourselves back may vary. We’re afraid of failure; we think we don’t deserve success; we place others’ needs and dreams ahead of our own. We’re all full of potential, but may spend more time and effort repressing it than we do cultivating it. Often we’re our own worst critics and the largest roadblock to our personal expansion.

Today’s message asks me to see how and where I limit myself. I can make a mental list of all the things I’d like to achieve and the factors standing in the way of their completion. Looking at this list, how do I contribute to the impediments? Am I afraid? Do I feel unworthy? Do I lack commitment? Am I unwilling to risk imperfect results?

When I hold myself back, I erode my confidence and potential. I rob myself of my dreams and goals and selfishly deny my unique contributions to the rest of the world. When I live large, I share my personal creative bounty with the rest of existence.

How about you? How do you hide your light under a proverbial bushel basket?