Notes From The Awareness: 226

How we evaluate something depends on how we see ourselves.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all make value judgments and frequently. We have soft drink and candy bar preferences; we rate TV shows; we give star ratings to products we purchase; we have bfs and bffs; we mentally class our experiences as good or bad. We put labels on how satisfied we are with life.

For the most part, all these rankings are subjective, based on how we feel about things. They come from inside us, and may not have much to do with the qualities of the item or experience we’re judging. They may, in fact, reveal more about our interior state than what we’re rating.

Today’s message reminds me that how I feel colors how I perceive life. The way I feel about myself strongly influences my mental and emotional state. When I am happy with myself and comfortable in my skin, I’m more likely to be satisfied with life in general. Strengthening a positive relationship with myself improves the quality of all my life experiences. Love myself; love my life.,

How about you? How does your inner state affect how you feel about your life?