Notes From The Awareness: 213

Better than doesn’t really make anything better.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all make comparisons. It seems to be an inevitable part of decision-making. We weigh our options, assess pros and cons, seek out and research the opinions of others, particularly experts. It’s fine and healthy to decide for what we want. Why shouldn’t we choose what we like, if we have the means and ability to do so?

The issue is that in making comparisons, we’re judging one thing to be better while find others to be lacking. This type of evaluation can be a joy killer when applied in situations where a choice isn’t required or possible. It can lead to material dissatisfaction and a lack of appreciation for what we have.

Today’s message asks me to be mindful about not making unnecessary comparisons. When I decide, I can choose what I want and is possible without denigrating or envying other options. If no choice is needed, I can simply be grateful and enjoy what I have without evaluation. I will be happier and more satisfied when I judge less.

How about you? How do you avoid comparing?