Notes From The Awareness: 291

Property accumulates; love propagates.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. A good portion of our society’s focus is on the material. We work to make money to buy things. We save to or buy large ticket items on credit: cars, houses, big screen TVs, jewelry. Coveting our neighbor’s possessions is not uncommon. There always seems to be something we wish to own.

We can spend our lifetime amassing wealth and possessions. It certainly can change the nature of our experience; living in luxury is likely more pleasant than a penurious existence. Yet all we can accumulate does not affect the quality of how we feel. Lasting happiness arises from love and our connections with others of any and all species.

Today’s message advises that a fulfilling life depends on the nature of my interconnection, on how much I love, and not on what I have accumulated. It isn’t wrong for me to enjoy material comforts, after all gratitude is a form of love. But my focus should be on love—loving all aspects of life, all beings and things, creation in all its expressions. When I love freely, my love graces all it encounters, inspiring others to love as well, seeding itself to multiply.

How about you? How do you propagate your love?