Notes From The Awareness: 141

Having something is far less satisfying than being something.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Most of us have a mental wish list, a list of things that elude us so far but we would really like for have—for example: a home of our own, a first child, a six-figure income, or a stable romantic relationship. We feel we’d be happier and more fulfilled if only we had the one or two big things on that list in our lives.

We may even try to manifest those things, imagining the satisfaction and contentment that will be ours when our wish comes true. Our visualization may be only partly successful in that we are trying to attract the physical representation rather than the state of being that would support its existence—money versus abundance, offspring versus fertility/creativity, a partner versus loving interconnection. In this narrower vision, we refine but also limit our possibilities. Focus on a six-figure income may yield precisely that, but we might not generate all the other ways one can be abundant—food, shelter, relationships, surroundings, knowledge, experiences. And the six-figure income might still leave us feeling lacking. We’re trying to quantify life quality when we focus on specific things.

Today’s message reminds me to focus my visualization practice on states of being like health, abundance, joyfulness, and feeling purposeful. Attracting these qualities into my life will provide a wide range of rich and satisfying experiences. Focus on enhancing my way of being will yield a more constant state of feeling blessed rather than achievement of milestones that intrinsically imply the need for further achievement. I am learning to alter the fundamental way in which I exist and am grateful!

How about you? Are your life dreams about thing or ways to be?