Notes From The Awareness: 139

The fewer obstacles we place between us and the things we want and the beings we love, the more naturally connection flows between us.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Sometimes what we desire eludes us. We try out best to attain a goal, make a situation happen, or forge a close bond with someone, but it seems like things just don’t click. It’s frustrating and can be puzzling, too. We’re not sure how to close the gap between reality and aspiration. We may repeat what we’ve tried before in the hope of different results, or we may tweak our outward approach believing the difference may yield success. Usually the outcome remains the same. We feel stymied, demoralized, and all too often, ready to give up. Our failure frequently is not due to lack of willingness or effort, but rather because of a lack of understanding. Outside forces may not be causing us to miss the mark; inside factors may be.

Our subconscious is a repository of beliefs, thought patterns, and memories. We likely aren’t in touch with some or many of them. Whether we are aware of them our not, they can create self-sabotaging behaviors and barriers between us and our desires. We may believe ourselves unworthy, not good enough, unlovable, incompetent, [fill in the blank]. We may have created emotional armor in response to past hurts. These self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors generate obstacles to getting what we consciously think we want. To attain our desires, we need to be aligned in mind, heart, and gut. Every part of us must be all in.

Today’s message urges me to identify any barriers in myself that impede my dreams. Whatever I find, love is the solution. Love can erase my fears and doubts, show me my true self and unique talents clearly, and dissolve any mental and emotional walls that prevent connection. Love is the glue that binds all creation, and by aligning with it consciously, I place myself naturally in the flow. Love is all I need.

How about you? Do you ever trip over yourself in trying to get what you want?