We live our beliefs.

All of us have belief systems. They may or may not include a religious component, but all of have our own unique set of beliefs around existence and how it works.

Our convictions, in additional to spiritual matters, also range over topics like personal worth, money, relationships, luck, fate, responsibility, ethics, and the nature of Creation. There really isn’t anything we do or experience on a daily basis that isn’t covered by one of our beliefs.

Sometimes our beliefs are conscious—for example, we make our own luck—and sometimes they are subconscious—for example, we may feel unworthy inside. Either way, whether or not our beliefs are in the forefront of our thoughts, they affect how we think and behave and also how we experience life.

Belief in making our own luck might lead us to be proactive and willing to change, bringing more opportunities our way because of our gumption and openness. Whereas an inner sense that we aren’t worthy may lead us to self-sabotage by holding back or making poor choices and mistakes, limiting our options.

Today’s message advises me that if I’m unhappy about something in my life, I will want to examine my beliefs and tweak them as needed in a healthy way. When my beliefs are consistent with my wishes and desires, I will find more opportunities to be happy with life.

Please reflect and share. Do you review your beliefs regularly to make sure they support your well-being?