Notes From The Awareness: Day 132

Partial success is total success of part of your goal.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We judge ourselves and others based on our accomplishments, in most aspects of life. In sports, it’s all about the win. In entertainment, it’s awards and number of movies made, seasons of TV, or songs downloaded. In business, it’s stock performance, and nationally, it’s GDP. Socially, it’s number of friends or connections and likes. At work we have annual or quarterly quotas and goals. We’re wrapped up in performance and hitting targets, and we use these measures to evaluate ourselves and others, assigning worth based on the numbers.

We usually think of success as an all or nothing proposition, win or lose. Anything less than hitting the mark is seen as failure. Depending on the audacity of the goal, it may be easy or near impossible to reach. We may not take into consideration the likelihood of completely achieving an objective on the first try, and tend to be especially harsh in reviewing our own efforts.

Today’s message advises me to set myself small incremental objectives. When completed, each one is to be celebrated. Every little success paves the way toward my overarching life dreams and allows me to feel positive and accomplished along my path, rather than still on the way toward making it. Feeling good about my efforts increases the likelihood of future successes. Justified confidence breeds achievement. I can feel happy, strong, and capable at every point of my life by honoring my small wins.

How about you? What is your relationship with success like?