Notes From The Unknown: Day 113

We are what we want to become, we just haven’t realized it yet.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We are our own worst critics. Most of us can list multiple ways we think we should do better. Health, diet, fitness, lifestyle, career, education, family life, social life—these are just a few of the areas in which we find ourselves lacking. We’re not quite happy with who we are right now. We make attempts to improve, but find the adequate level of achievement to be elusive. We feel incomplete and imperfect, a project in progress.

This pattern seems to be endless. If we hit one self-imposed target for ourselves, another still seems to loom, incomplete. We’re in a continuous cycle of not feeling good enough. It’s disheartening and we may feel we just want to stop striving and trying. This may be precisely what we need to do to get out of our rut of perceived imperfection.

Today’s message reminds me to stop trying so hard externally and identify where inside of me the image and concept of my brokenness arises. When I nurture and reassure the source of my personal unease, I’ll be able to see myself clearly in all my divinely endowed natural splendor. I am who I need to be, doing what I need to be doing right now. I can make different choices about my life, if I feel they would enhance my happiness and well being. But I make them because I wish to explore something new, not to fix myself. I am, in this moment, a perfect expression of divine creation.

How about you? How have you been able to step outside the cycle of trying to fix yourself?