Notes From The Unknown: Day 112

Grand schemes arise from small dreams.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all have them, the small notions that pass through us: I’d like to play the guitar; I could make and sell soap; I wonder if I could write a book; maybe people would pay me to train their dogs. Usually, the concepts are fleeting. Occasionally, they stick with us. Most often, we don’t act on them. But these are dreams arising from our subconscious, our inner gateway to the quantum field of unlimited possibilities. They are potential wins, and we may not take them seriously be cause we believe they’re impractical, feel we don’t have time to explore them, or doubt that they would be successful.

Today’s message reminds me to pay attention to my dreams and desires. If I don’t honor them, who will? They represent the musings of my heart, potential undertakings arising from love. If I explore these notions, they may or may not work out as I might hope. I need to remind myself that great inventions don’t come together successfully on the first try. My dreams are golden only if I am willing to pursue them.

How about you? What small dream of yours became successful reality?