Notes From the Unknown: Day 87

Bring what you want into being by loving it in advance.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. There’s plenty not to like in our current reality: Corona Virus deaths rising, debate over appropriate pandemic safety measure, political strife and lack of congressional bipartisan cooperation, social injustice, climate change, fragile economy. Regardless of our political persuasion, we likely feel our country could do better. We may have clear ideas of what we’d like to see, but mostly focus on what we dislike about the present situation. We do need to to view current events clearly, warts and all, to understand what could be different, however we may not want to put all our energy into decrying what’s wrong. There is an alternate path.

Today’s message—courtesy of my eminently wise, loving, and recently deceased cat, Shaman—instructs me simply and elegantly on how to manifest change. I can hold a clear vision of a saner, healthier, fairer, more compassionate and cooperative world in my heart, and then love that reality as if it were already accomplished. Summoning up gratitude, satisfaction, happiness, and most of all love, I can help make my visualization concrete by reeling it in with my positive emotions. I can, so to speak, purr a more kind and loving existence into being.

How about you? What do you do to plant the seeds for a better world?