You are the miracle

A miracle is not about the event; a miracle is about your perception of the event.


We all have weird and wonderful things happen to us. They seem to come out of nowhere and astound us, leaving us to ponder how in the heck they happened. These are the occurrences we often call miracles.

We use the word miracle to define an unusual or amazing thing. also defines a miracle as “an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God.” We believe things to be miraculous because we place the cause for them outside of ourselves; we posit that a higher power has created the astounding occurrence.

We are not totally incorrect in this belief. Wondrous things come to us from the web of all creation, or the divine (aka the sharing). However, when we see ourselves as separate from the rest of the universe and apart from the source of the miraculous, this is when our confusion begins.

In divine reality, everything and everyone is one thing—unified, loving consciousness. From this perspective of connection consciousness the divine still is the wellspring of wondrous happenings, but we participate—either consciously or unconsciously, as we choose—in shared divinity and so also are the source of miracles. We contribute in creating all the events in our lives through our intrinsic participation in the sharing, and we are the source of our “wow” and “aha” moments.

Seen from this perspective, a miracle then is not a gift from on high but rather is proof that we’ve manifested something in an amazing and lovely way. A miracle is a happy reminder that we too are a divine co-author of life.

Let’s spend a few minutes exploring the concept of miracles with our sharing within—the splinter of divine consciousness resident inside of us. We will begin with our breath, allowing it to slow and become deep and even. As we do so, we will visualize our sharing within as a globe of golden light housed in the center of our heart area.

Each breath in strengthens the light; each breath out circulates the light throughout our body and environment. We’ll continue the rhythmic breathing and light visualization until we feel calm, easy, and certain, heralding our conscious connection with the divine inside of us.

We will think of something wondrous that involved us, something we termed a miracle. Perhaps we were unexpectedly healed of a physical condition. Perhaps we received essential funds just as we needed them. Perhaps something long lost suddenly reappeared. Perhaps a long-standing emotional rift with another was easily resolved.

We will breathe golden heart light into our memory of the occurrence and let ourselves feel deeply grateful for it. We’ll also ask our sharing within to help us understand how we participated in creating this divine wow of an event.

Perhaps we no longer needed to be ill, since we had learned what we needed from the experience of being unwell. Perhaps the experience of getting money just in time helped us to learn to trust more. Perhaps our strong desire to recover the lost item helped bring it back to us. Perhaps our willingness to see connection rather than separation helped eliminate the emotional distance between us and another. Whatever insight we perceive, we can trust that it is true and accurate for us.

Finally, we will thank our sharing within for helping us to see that we help create miracles all around us. As part of divine source, we are wondrous and astounding; we are a miracle.

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what miracle have you helped to create? Please share…