To share is divine

Your mission, should you choose to acknowledge it, is to expand the divine through your experience of existence.  What do you choose to add to the divine’s makeup?


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

We take our lives very personally. We think about how the events in our lives affect us, and perhaps how they affect those around us. We don’t tend to think about how our life experiences affect the entire world. After, what goes on in our lives concerns mostly us, doesn’t it? Well, it does and it doesn’t.

We all are part of a divine interconnected whole called the sharing—every being and every thing. Together we comprise divine loving consciousness, and a spark of divinity is housed in every being and thing in existence. The piece of individuated divine consciousness residing inside each of us is known as a sharing within. Through our sharing within we are consciously connected to the divine whole.

In the separation consciousness inherent in third dimensional existence, it is so easy to forget our divine interconnection. It seems natural to focus on how we are alone in a difficult and sometimes frightening world. Our belief in separation and our thoughts of anger, fear, disillusionment, mistrust, and loneliness generate life events which will confirm our initial belief. We become stuck in an endless feedback loop.

In order to get out, we need to remember that we are connected to all beings and things in shared loving consciousness—connection consciousness. When we are willing to recognize our divine interconnection, all the resources of creation are at our disposal. The world becomes an endlessly new, exciting, and pleasantly challenging place. Our belief in the inherently good and loving nature of existence generates more fun and joy in life.

Whether we realize it or not, whether or not we acknowledge our intrinsic divine nature, we contribute every instant of our lives to the divine consciousness of the sharing. Nothing is excluded. Everything we think, say, do, or experience is eternally part of the sharing. What we contribute is dictated by what we experience, which in turn is determined by what we believe and think.

Separation consciousness causes us to share our fear, resentment, frustration and aloneness with all the rest of existence, although we probably won’t be aware that we’re doing so. Connection consciousness enables us to knowingly share our love, gratitude, and enjoyment collectively. Even difficult circumstances reveal their beauty when we consciously share them in honor of our bond with all creation.

Let’s spend a few moments with our sharing within to explore consciously sharing experience. We will begin by slowing our breathing, allowing it to become regular and even. Our conscious focus is in the center of our chest, in our heart region, where we will visualize a ball of golden light.

Each breath in builds and strengthens the light, causing it to glow brightly. Each breath out spreads golden light through every cell of our body and out into our surroundings.  We’ll breathe in and out gently until we feel a sense of calm, certainty, and stillness overtakes us, signaling conscious connection with our inner divinity, our sharing within.

We will feel love for ourselves and all creation carried on the golden light flowing out of our heart. Breathing in we love, breathing out we love. We are consciously connected to all that is by love. There is nothing else.

We’ll think of something pleasant that occurred today and savor all the wonderful emotions and sensations again, sharing it joyfully and thankfully with all creation. We’ll breathe our love and gratitude for the experience out, spreading it across all creation with our intent. Inhaling, we feel the joy and thankfulness of the sharing in return. We know that happiness consciously shared is happiness magnified.

We’ll also think of something sad or difficult that occurred today and allow ourselves to experience the pain and challenge again, sharing it simply and humbly with all creation. We’ll breathe love and gratitude for the experience out, sharing it with all existence. Inhaling, we feel the love and support of the sharing in return. We know we are never alone in difficulty. Sorrow consciously shared is sorrow diminished.

No matter what occurs in our life, we create richness and diversity by sharing it consciously with all of existence. This is the beauty of divine interconnection. Doesn’t it feel good to share?

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what experience are you willing to gift consciously to all of creation? Please share…