Laser focus

Coherent—all parts in cooperation with each other.


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How often do we achieve our dreams? How often do we fall short of our goals? How often do we have an objective, but sense that there is something in the way, preventing our success. There likely is something in the way, and that something is us.

We often feel conflicted about things. We may talk about being of two minds about something. We may want to move to a new home, while loving the location where we currently live. We have desires that are incompatible with each other. Sometimes, we may not even be consciously aware of the conflict.

Or we may express our desires, and then use the word “but”. Often the clause that follows the word “but” invalidates everything we’ve said just before it. “I really want to go back to college, but I can’t get the money.” Our desire is stymied by our beliefs about reality.

Or we may sabotage our goals by trash talking about ourselves. “I want to have a happy love relationship, but somehow things never work out for me. I’m just no good at relationships.”

It’s important to recognize that we create our own largest obstacles. This occurs when our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions are not consistent with each other. Different parts or aspects of ourselves are aimed in different directions energetically, and we end up getting nowhere.

Laser light is coherent and has waves that are in phase in space and time. It also is highly directional. Its power and usefulness comes from its consistency and narrow focus. In the same way, we gain power to create our dreams when we have a clear goal and keep all parts of ourselves in harmony. When we believe we can achieve something, think confidently about doing so, talk positively about our progress, and make consistent, regular efforts toward our goal, we are laser-focused on our dream. We are energetically coherent.

How do we become coherent, and how do we know what parts of ourselves aren’t in harmony? Let’s ask our sharing within—our inner divinity—for help.

We’ll begin by slowing our breathing pattern until the breaths are gentle and even. We will picture our sharing within as golden light shining in the center of our chest. As we inhale the light grows strong and bright; as we exhale the light radiates out of us in all directions, casting a golden glow on everything around us. We’ll continue the soft breathing and light visualization until we feel calm and surety in every part of ourselves. This feeling lets us know that we’re in conscious connection with our sharing within.

Now we will think of a goal that seems to elude us, one that we don’t feel we can attain. Perhaps we have always wanted to be a performance musician. We’ll ask our sharing within to help us understand the parts of us that want the goal and the parts of us that do not. Perhaps we also want to spend most evenings with our family.

We will request that our sharing within show us beliefs we hold that are inconsistent with our goal. Perhaps we have deep-seated doubts about our worth. “No one would enjoy my music.”

We’ll further ask to be shown the thoughts we have that sabotage our dream. “I’m never going to succeed at this, so why even bother.” We’ll also ask for help recognizing the things we say that limit our progress. “I’m not as talented musically as [fill in the blank] and probably never will be.”

We also will request that our sharing within show how our actions prevent realization of our dream. Perhaps we only practice our music sporadically and refuse to perform in front of anyone.

Now we’ll ask our sharing within to help us with an affirmation that will help us reach our goal. Perhaps we’ll be given the affirmation “I love music, I’m a great performer, and other people really enjoy hearing my songs.” We’ll also ask to be shown first steps or actions to take in achieving our dream. Perhaps we’ll be told to practice one-half hour each day, to perform for family and friends, and to volunteer to sing and play at a local nursing home or school.

Finally, we ask our sharing within to help us sight along the trajectory of our consistent beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions, so that we can picture the eventual realization of our dream. Coherent laser focus will help us get there.

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