Repeat what you just said in your head.

Often, we’re unaware of how we come across to other people. We know what we intended to convey. But our precise wording and tone nuances may not always register with us. They are however, apparent to others.

Our emotions may trickle into what we say unbidden. Or we may subconsciously express something we didn’t mean to.

If we don’t get the desired reaction to something we just said, we may wish to pause and mentally review our exact wording and delivery. Clarifying with the other person may work better than simply moving ahead in the conversation. Asking them how they received our message can help with this.

Today’s message reminds me that my communication involves more than just words. Being mindful of my tone and delivery will help ensure that I actually share what I consciously wish to say.

Please reflect and share. How often do you feel others hear something other than what you meant to say?