Make time for what matters.

Most of us are busy, many of us over busy. We have agendas and plans, to-do lists and goals. Likely they’re too ambitious. We probably never will get done all the things we hope to in our desired timeframe.

It’s easy to become hyper focused on our tasks. For those of us who are workaholics, tunnel vision can blind us to our lives outside of work. And often what feeds our well-being takes a back seat to being productive.

Accomplishment can feed our dopamine production. But this likely is temporary. We may soon be looking for something else to achieve to sustain the dopamine rush.

Longer-term happiness and health relies on two factors: close and loving relationships and consistent self-care. Both can be slighted in our rush to get things done.

We also need time to pursue hobbies and creative interests, the things that make our soul sing. Feeding our need for beauty and exploring our curiosity keeps our lives fresh and meaningful.

Today’s message reminds me that my never-ending list of things to do will probably never be completed. I likely will die with tasks undone. But if I make regular room in my life for self-care and relationships with those I love, my life will be healthier and more fulfilling.

Please reflect and share. What matters most to you? Are you devoting enough time to it?