It’s a beautiful day

So often we end up focused on things we don’t like. We may be at odds with someone else, we may not feel 100%, we may have experienced a setback, we may feel overly busy with should-dos.

It’s easy to get lost in focusing on what isn’t seemingly working for us. But all around us, life goes on in all its splendor. There are beautiful sunsets, cooling breezes, fragrant flowers, stirring music, good coffee, friendly folks, and meaningful conversations.

Beauty, in some aspect, is always present in our lives. And yes, things that aren’t as pleasurable are there too. But we get to decide where we want to place our focus. We can choose what we pay attention to.

Today’s message reminds me that every day is beautiful. I’m alive, good things are happening, and I have the ability to appreciate them.

Please reflect and share. What makes today beautiful for you?