Add some pizazz

Most of us a basically good people. We mean well, we care, and we try to do our best. That isn’t to say that we don’t mess up sometimes, but we get things right more often than not.

However, we likely have developed routines. These are safe and often effective patterns of behavior. If we just repeat them regularly, things in life probably will like work out okay.

But do we really want to live our lives in a just okay state? Wouldn’t it be nice if life was a bit more thrilling and fulfilling?

We may feel constrained to continue with our habitual activities. It may feel too risky or downright impossible to throw them out in favor of something entirely new.

And that’s all right. It isn’t what we do that may matter as much as how we do it. Our attitude and approach to everyday events and tasks can make the merely routine into something fun and lovely.

I have a clear memory of going through a long, slow line of cars on a Chicago toll road. It was felt like a perfect recipe for frustration. When our vehicle finally reached the toll booth, the attendant smiled, took our money, and proceeded to sing joyfully in Italian.

I was impressed. Here was an individual with a very routine job who had found a way to make each moment of the day special. Nearly 20 years later, I can still call up a clear impression of his happiness. It was infectious.

Today’s message reminds me that how matters more than what. When I do whatever I do with a bit more pizazz, life feels more special.

Please reflect and share. What do you do to spice up a routine activity?