A window is opening

We may believe that luck plays a factor, large or small, in our success. Sometimes we feel lucky and sometimes we don’t.

When blessings arise, we may feel they are due to good luck. Similarly, when bad things happen, we may attribute them to bad luck.

Either way, we may feel that timing is vital to our success. If we miss out on an opportunity, we may worry that it won’t happen again.

And it likely is true. The exact same opportunity probably won’t reoccur. But that doesn’t mean a similar one won’t. And that future opportunity just might be better.

It’s also true that what might appear to be a bad thing may actually, in retrospect, actually be a blessing.

Today’s message reminds me that when one door closes, a window is opening. Good things will always be coming my way.

Please reflect and share. What opportunity is facing you now?