Helpers abound.

We can sometimes feel very alone in this life, particularly if circumstances are difficult. Our burdens may feel heavy, more than we feel we can handle by ourselves.

Much of this aloneness is our own perceptions. If we’re willing to accept help, whether physical or emotional, often other people are willing to assist. We just need to accept their efforts. That may mean we feel a bit vulnerable in doing so.

Life also offers help in different ways too. An affectionate household pet, a gorgeous sunrise, a significant encounter with local wildlife—all these can be messages of support if we’re willing to see them as such.

Helpers also exist outside of our physical realm. Passed loved ones of any species, angels, guardian spirits, Creator—all are there to offer love, support, and messages of encouragement.

In fact, all of Creation is backing us at any given moment, whether or not we’re aware of it. We’re intrinsically interconnected in all that is, so it is all available for our benefit. We simply need to believe that help is there for us and be willing to not feel alone.

Today’s message reminds me that all existence is backing my play. When I’m willing to accept help, in one form or another it will appear.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel you need to solve your problems on your own?