Optimism feels better.

Sometimes we’re hopeful. Other times we expect the worst.

More often than not, good things or at least okay things happen. Less regularly, bad things seem to occur. Frequently, optimism is warranted. Pessimism is appropriate far less often.

On this basis, it makes sense to be optimistic in the face of unknown outcomes. But there is a further reason to be positive.

Our outlook determines how things feel and how we experience while we’re waiting for an undefined result. Optimism feels happier and more fun than pessimism. Even, though unlikely, if our positive outlook isn’t accurate, at least we’ll have felt better in the meantime.

Today’s message advises me to be more unfailingly optimistic. I’ll attract better outcomes and will enjoy life more, all along the way.

Please reflect and share. Does your outlook tend to be optimistic or pessimistic?